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New Fonts This Week

New Fonts

Consuelo by Latinotype
Consuelo by Latinotype

Jugo Script by Sudtipos
Jugo Script by Sudtipos

Rumpus Room Filled by Sideshow
Rumpus Room Filled by Sideshow

Continuing Promotions

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday – 30% off until 30 April

P22 Wedge by IHOF – 25% off until 30 April

Bodoni Classic Fleurs by Wiescher – 50% until May 1st

Caboom by Wiescher – 50% until May 1st

Dylan Copperplate by Wiescher – 50% until May 1st

Marianina FY by FONTYOU – 80% off until 4 May

Coco FY and Chelly FY by FONTYOU – 50% off until 4 May

Exquise FY, Kaili FY, Bruum FY by FONTYOU – 70% off until 4 May

All Laski Slab in Web and OT by ReType – 30% off until 7 May

Business Penmanship by Sudtipos – 30% off until 22 May

Consuelo by Latinotype – 50% off all products until May 28th

Jugo Script in OT and Web by Sudtipos – 30% off until June 6th.

Want detailed showing of new fonts straight to your inbox? Make sure you’re receiving them in your inbox. They maybe getting lost in the promotions section. If you use Gmail then you can drag and drop the FontShop Newsletter from your Promotions Tab to your Primary Tab.