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Typographic Turn-ons: The Language of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our penultimate post in our turn-ons series:


A train platform. A moonlit summer’s night. The air filled with smoke and revelry. Perhaps we’d make a great pair, but our languages are so different.

Judging by your accent, you may speak something Western Latin-based. Luckily my character set contains enough accents to support hundreds of languages in addition to English. I can totally be your Latin-based lover.


Hoping to hook up with someone who goes beyond the Latin-realm? You’ll find many faces that expand into Cyrillic and Greek. Fonts are increasingly extending into the realm of Arabic and Indic scripts too. Character-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean are also seeing more typographic development.

If you’re looking for someone who’s really been around the world, try a Unicode font.


DIY: Use the FontShop Language Filter to find typefaces compatible with whatever you speak. Any Pro FontFont supports all Western Latin-based languages. Check out Rosetta Type Foundry and Indian Type Foundry for some sultry selections of other scripts.

Finding Fonts that Speak Your Language

Typefaces don’t all talk the same. We’ve heard from you that more information about what languages individual fonts support can make a big difference in choosing which packages would best fit with the projects you’re working on.

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched a solution, it’s still beta, but you can see some new features in a few places.

Language tabs

Visit the product pages (e.g. Paratype’s Orbi Sans Multilingual) and there’s now a new tab which lists which languages are supported.  If you’re working with multiple or less commonly supported languages, you can make sure the single font you chose speaks the right one before you buy.

Sub-category pages

Pick a category (such as serif) and then filter the results based on language. This will return only those fonts that support the languages you’re seeking.

Bestsellers page

We’ve added an extra filter so you can now return just those results with that languages you use.

As always, if you have any suggestions on what changes to the site you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.