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Pinterested: Fleurons for Mom

This Sunday is Mother’s Day — if you forgot to put in your order for a bouquet to be delivered to your mom, you still have time to quickly order some flowery fonts and send her a bouquet of glyphs.


With the combination of beautiful images from fStop and the selection of fleurons and springtime fonts on FontShop, you can also create a quick e-card to send your mom if you can’t visit her this weekend. Check out our Glyph Garden board to get started!

Pinterested: April Showers


It’s the end of April and May flowers should be popping up soon. To keep you in the springtime spirit, we have three pinboards that you can browse.

First, start with Water You Waiting For and let your brain soak in typographic inspiration and water fonts. From fish fonts to seashells to beautiful pictures of the deep blue, you’ll be ready for your next projects and ideas to bloom. Next, travel to another world full of lush foliage in our Keep Calm & Hobbiton pinboard and talk a walk in our Glyph Garden. Our flowery fonts won’t spread any pollen in the air, so have fun playing around with Blossomy and Posy from Kapitza or Imagination Flowers from Elsner+Flake. Enjoy the greenery without allergic reactions!

Pinterested: Glyph Garden

Hello, March! As the sun shines down brightly on our San Francisco office, it continues to nurture our love for fonts — a new board on Pinterest has bloomed!


Our Glyph Garden pinboard is a collection of pixels and perennials. Paired with beautiful springtime visuals from fStop Images, flourishing fleurons such as Blossomy or Cadence will make you want to pick out your own bouquet of fonts. Or if you like to get your hands dirty gardening in the sunshine, Kapitza’s Allotment will help you become a digital gardener. Don’t forget that plants need plenty of water — check out our Water You Waiting For pinboard, too!