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Buyer’s Guide: Font Validation Errors


If you work on a Mac, you’re probably familiar with the default font management application, FontBook (not to be confused with the FontBook App!). Sometimes, a “Font Validation” window will pop-up when trying to install your newly licensed font — don’t panic. There is nothing actually wrong with your font file even if you find errors listed such as issues with “kern table structure and contents”.

Our suggestion? Go ahead and select the font when the Font Validation window pops up and install the font; your font will still work properly within the programs you intend to use them in. The software is just acting overly cautious with the font files — the same font files will install successfully on Windows without a validation error as Windows does not have a default font management application like FontBook. If you’re still unsure about it, you can send our Sales & Support team an email and we can install and test the fonts from your order for you before you commit to ignoring the Font Validation window.