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Buyer’s Guide: Font Bureau EULA

FBFor over twenty years, Font Bureau has been providing some of the best typeface designs in the industry. Their font collection continues to grow and with popular faces like Whitman, Benton Sans, and Heron the foundry has been one of our customer’s favorites! Here are some EULA highlights that you may want to keep in mind when licensing a font from Font Bureau.

Basic EULA Rights

  • Desktop use supports up to 1 CPU.
  • You may create a non-editable PDF for output printing to a service bureau for printer.


  • You cannot share the fonts with users that do not have a license for the same fonts.
  • You cannot embed the font into documents that are distributed to third parties without additional licensing.
  • You cannot embed the font into a Website or Application.
  • You cannot embed the font into Flash animations.

See Font Bureau EULA

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every other Monday. Next up is Emigre.

New Fonts This Week

This week we are proud to present another great line-up of quality fonts. New from Alias are Glue, Grist, and Noah; from Borges Lettering, Louisiana Grab Bag; from Font Bureau, Quiosco and Turnip; from Latinotype, Sanchez Slab — with a great starting price of only $49 until April 18th; from ReType, Medusa – 30% off until April 28th; and from Sudtipos’s, Piel Script – 30% off until April 7th – and Business Penmanship.

Also, be sure to check out MacCampus and p.s.type, our latest web font vendors. Until April 30th, Novel Sans Web is on sale at $119 and the Novel Sans Office Pro is only $89. Type-Ø-Tones’s new fonts Arboria, Magasin, and Karol are 30% off until March 31st. Rosetta Type Foundry’s latest, Arek, is 25% until April 5th.

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Borges Lettering

Louisiana Grab Bag

Font Bureau




Sanchez Slab




Business Penmanship

Piel Script

New Fonts This Week

This week we’re rolling out six new fonts: Savanna Script and Serge from Font Bureau, Foro Rounded with free light weight from Hoftype, Rooney Sans from Jan Fromm, Cytia Slab from Mint Type and Number Five from Laura Worthington. Number Five is also on special promotion at 50% off until April 24th.

Promotions continuing this week: Latinotype’s Love Story is being offered at a special intro price of $14, Trend at $19, Schwager at $39, and Lolita at $56 until March 18th. Type-Ø-Tones’s new fonts Arboria, Magasin, and Karol are 30% off until March 31st. Rosetta Type Foundry’s latest, Arek, is 25% until April 5th.

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Font Bureau

Savanna Script



Foro Rounded with FREE light weight

Jan Fromm

Rooney Sans

Laura Worthington

Number Five

Mint Type

Cytia Slab

Staff Picks, November 2012

November’s nearly gone, and of course that means December’s bound to come and go in a wink. While we’re still in November, Staff Picks are out, so let’s get right to them. Here’s the complete list, and we’ve highlighted a few below:

Meghan picks Benton Modern Display by Richard Lipton, published by Font Bureau

“The Great Pairs series made me fall in love with Benton.”

Mimi picks Adios Script by Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos

“So pretty and fun and flirty.”

Volker picks Alexander Quill by Jim Rimmer, published by Canada Type

Staff Picks, October 2012

October Staff Picks have been selected. Take a look through a few of the favorites below, or peruse the complete list. Now on to the picks.

Volker picks the Atomic Age Pack by Leslie Cabarga, published by Font Bureau

“50s fridge fonts”

Mayene picks Brownstone Thin by Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos

“a lightweight, friendly set of characters with dainty alternates.”

Mark picks Typonine Stencil by Nikola Djurek of Typonine

“For making elegant looking occupy signage”

New Fonts, June 2011

We love new fonts. Earlier this month we showed off new stuff from DSType, Typolar, and Red Rooster. In case you missed it, or for some oddball reason aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, you can subscribe and check out old announcements in our Newsletter Archive. Acta, from DSType, was just one of many new releases thus far in June.

Download Acta PDFs: Large (4.2 MB) and Small (446 KB).

Because we’re greedy for new fonts, and because there’s still a whole two days left in June, we’ve just gone live with another update. Check out what’s new on the New Fonts page for June. Among them comes the new superfamily from Font Bureau and Cyrus Highsmith: Salvo.

We’ll be looking at these new releases more closely in our next newsletter.