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January ’11 Staff Picks

The first FontShop Staff Picks of 2011 are up. Now that we’ve got our new blog rolling, I thought we could show off a few of our picks in more detail.

First up is Henrietta Samuels from Samuelstype. Like the aforementioned FF Mister K, Henrietta Samuels is full of extra ligatures and stylistic alternatives to help avoid identical forms of a single character, or combination thereof. (Notice the differing ‘ra’ ligatures above.) There’s a certain quirky, imperfect decadence to the typeface that makes it unique. Exclusive to FontShop.

Download the PDF (229 KB).

Reservation Wide, designed by Silas Dilworth of the TypeTrust, is an extended neo-grotesque face intended for headlines. Dilworth originally designed Reservation Wide for the Food Network, which uses the typeface (originally named Majestos) on its website and in on-air promos. Its terminals have a slight angle, keeping it open and approachable—one might even say appetizing. As an avid Food Network watcher, it has a place near and dear to my stomach.

Download the PDF (279 KB).

Calluna from exljbris is a playful text face that comes fully loaded with all of your favorite OpenType features. Jos Buivenga happened upon the basic structure of Calluna while “fiddling around a bit with Museo“. A fortunate accident, which you can read about in the specimen PDF. Also fortunate (which may be an understatement): you can download the Regular weight of Calluna for free. Once you’re hooked, pick up the 8-style family pack.

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FF Bau: Now available in OpenType and Web formats

Next in our series of cool font specimen PDF callouts comes FF Bau. Designed by Christian Schwartz in 2002, FF Bau is based on Schelter & Giesecke’s Grotesk, an early ancestor of Helvetica. In the most recent Fontfont update, FF Bau was rereleased in the following versions:

OpenType | Pro | Office | Office Pro | Web | Web Pro

FontFont has posted a very cool “Stylistic Set Pocket Guide”, detailing the new OpenType features in FF Bau OT. Among them are a number of alternate glyphs, figure variants, and Central European language support (in the Pro versions). You can also read more about FF Bau, and the rest of the FontFont 54 release, over at FontShop Benelux’s Unzipped.

Download the PDF (172 KB).

New: FF Fontesque Display

Included in FontFont Release #54 is the newly revised FF Fontesque Display. This new OpenType feature-laden version of FF Fontesque includes alternate glyphs for nearly every character in the typeface, including Central European characters (found in the Pro version). Designer Nick Shinn has also released a user guide/specimen PDF, detailing the family’s specifics.

Download the PDF (260 KB).

User’s Manual for the FF Massive Typeface System

With its 2010 release the FF Massive OT family was expanded with an extra outline version into eight different Open Type fonts, divided in four variations which together form a versatile typographic system. The eight different FF Massive variations enable the user to compose a number of combinations, which can lead to surprising results, especially with the use of contrasting colours.

This manual will explain how the FF Massive type system is best employed. Enjoy!

Download the PDF (1.4 MB).