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FontShop Friday Five: Next FontShop and Madness!


We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.


Mo’ Beta
If you haven’t noticed, we recently released our beta version of the next FontShop! It’s raw and unfinished, but we launched it anyway and want to know what you think! Check out the new site here.

“New Features”: #hash and Giftype
April Fools! We got a little sneaky with our April 1st newsletter this month with new features that would change the face of type. Did you fall for it?

New Fonts
Lots of new fonts this week. Check out all that is new from Comicraft, Latinotype, FONTYOU, TypeTogether, Mostardesign Studio and a bunch of continuing promotions.

March Madness
We got a winner! Congratulations to the top typeface Nitti Grotesk who is the champ of March Madness 2014! It was a tough fight, but Nitti Grotesk fought it’s way to the top!

Buyer’s Guide
This week, Theresa covers DynaComware in the weekly installment of Buyer’s Guide.


Friday Five Fonts: Fiance by Sudtipos and Rukou by DizajnDesign

Nitti Grotesk Sweeps March Madness, Wins the 2014 Title

77 Nitti Grotesk
47 Elena

Pieter van Rosmalen’s Nitti Grotesk handily won over our previous year’s champion, Nicole Dotin’s Elena, last night in the season’s final face off. Nitti Grotesk is the fresh, proportionally-spaced sibling to Nitti, a monospaced typeface. (Usually family extensions happen the other way around.) We send our congratulations. Thanks everyone for taking part.

Final banner - Nitti Grotesk - Winner


Thanks also goes to Mark van Bronkhorst’s MVB Solano Gothic for refereeing the proceedings, and to Matthew Carter’s Miller and Jim Parkinson’s Sutro Deluxe for setting the season’s game titles.

Championship Round! Nitti Grotesk vs. Elena

Final Final
41 Nitti Grotesk 43 Elena
24 Program 28 Colvert

This is it, folks. This is what you’ve been waiting for. It now all comes down to Nitti Grotesk and Elena. It’s anyone’s game. Vote for your favorite. Polls close tonight at midnight Pacific.

Final banner

Nitti Grotesk vs. Elena

0403 Final

Final Four!

Final Final Final Final
49 Nitti Grotesk 54 Program 69 Elena 59 Colvert
41 Today Sans 27 FF Mark 12 FF Videtur 32 Alda

It’s all winding up now. Tomorrow the championship round settles the question of which face takes all. Today, our final four contenders narrow down to just two. It’s been unpredictable going for those in the competition, Nicole Dotin’s Elena squarely shutting out Axel Bertram & Andreas Frohloff’s FF Videtur last night, two other decisive wins by Zuzana Licko’s Program and Jonathan Perez (et al)’s Colvert, and a narrow victory for Pieter van Rosmalen’s newcomer Nitti Grotesk over Volker Küster’s Today Sans. Will Elena take the title again? It’s all up to you! Your turn now. Polls close tonight at midnight, Pacific.

Final Four banner

Nitti Grotesk vs. Program

0402 Final Four1

Elena vs. Colvert

0402 Final Four2

Special thanks goes to to Miller Banner for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic, our call-it-as-he-sees-it referee.

Final Eight Narrows Down to Final Four Today

Final Final Final Final
17 FF Videtur 21 Elena 23 Colvert 27 Alda
16 Henriette 15 Arek 16 FF Tisa 12 Marat

Friday’s intense match-ups resulted in close shaves to the faces of the winners. With all the action compounding, the next three rounds will determine who sets the title. Now it’s game on in the last four matches in the Final Eight. Your turn to take it away! All polls close tonight at midnight, Pacific.
Final Eight banner

Nitti Grotesk vs. Today Sans

0401 Final Eight1

FF Mark vs. Program

0401 Final Eight2

FF Videtur vs. Elena

0401 Final Eight3

Colvert vs. Alda

0401 Final Eight4

What’s all this? It’s March Madness. Thanks goes to to Miller Banner for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic, impartial referee.

Pinterested: March Madness

March Madness returns to FontShop this year with a selection fresh off the drawing tables. Several new releases join us as strong and underdog contenders face off in each round of single-elimination madness. Who will take it all?

While the serifs fight it out today, the madness ends April 3, so make sure to vote for your favorite typefaces! Meanwhile, stay up-to-date with our new Pinterest board!

Serifs Finish Off Sweet Sixteen, Now!

Final Final Final Final
37 Nitti Grotesk 31 Today Sans 28 FF Mark 31 Program
21 Helsinki 17 Metro Nova 21 FF DIN 19 FF Netto

Decisive victories last night in a showing of superior stamina and underdog strength. Turning now to today’s match-ups: Get a closer look at each typeface by following the links just above each match graphic, or look it up in FontBook. Polls close tonight at midnight Pacific. You know what to do from here. Final 8 starts Tuesday!

Sweet Sixteen banner2

Henriette vs. FF Videtur

0328 Sweet Sixteen - Second half1

Elena vs. Arek

0328 Sweet Sixteen - Second half2

FF Tisa vs. Colvert

0328 Sweet Sixteen - Second half3

Marat vs. Alda

0328 Sweet Sixteen - Second half4

Special thanks again goes to to Miller and Sutro Deluxe for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic for reffing the proceedings.

Sanses Face Off in Sweet Sixteen!

Final Final Final Final
27 FF Tisa 30 Colvert 27 Marat 35 Turnip
23 Fedra Serif B 27 Maiola 23 FF Quixo 15 Alda

And it’s game on for the remaining sanses in today’s single-elimination madness! Some real squeakers last night on the serif side, including Colvert’s tight 3-point win over Maiola. Okay—from here it’s all up to you. Polls close tonight at midnight Pacific. Serifs fight it out tomorrow.

Sweet Sixteen banner1

Helsinki vs. Nitti Grotesk

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half1

Metro Nova vs. Today Sans

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half2

FF Mark vs. FF DIN

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half3

Program vs. FF Netto

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half4

What’s all this? It’s March Madness. Special thanks again goes to to Miller and Sutro Deluxe for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic for reffing the proceedings.

Southeast Serifs Vie for Final Spots in Sweet 16!

Final Final Final Final
30 Trola 28 Quiosco 26 Elena 32 Arek
26 Henriette 16 FF Videtur 20 FF Unit Slab 20 Richler

This last round determines who advances to the Sweet Sixteen. Get to it! All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

FF Tisa vs. Fedra Serif B

0326 Southeast Serifs1

Maiola vs. Colvert

0326 Southeast Serifs2

FF Quixo vs. Marat

0326 Southeast Serifs3

Turnip vs. Alda

0326 Southeast Serifs4

Northeast Serifs Compete in Today’s Face-off

Final Final Final Final
31 Helsinki 36 Nitti Grotesk 29 Metro Nova 26 Today Sans
23 Telefon 18 MVB Solitaire 19 Baton 22 Frutiger

Henriette vs. Trola

0324 Northeast Serifs1

FF Videtur vs. Quiosco

0324 Northeast Serifs2

Elena vs. FF Unit Slab

0324 Northeast Serifs3

Richler vs. Arek

0324 Northeast Serifs4

Northwest Sanses Face Off!

Final Final Final Final
82 FF Mark 61 FF DIN 69 Program 60 FF Netto
13 Nomada 33 Marat Sans 31 Petala 44 ITC Franklin

…And we’re back to the action, finalizing today the western contenders to advance to the Sweet 16. To get a better look at each face, follow the links above each match-up. It’s up to you now; Get voting! Polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific).

Telefon vs. Helsinki

0321 Northwest Sanses1

Nitti Grotesk vs. MVB Solitaire

0321 Northwest Sanses2

Metro Nova vs. Baton

0321 Northwest Sanses3

Frutiger vs. Today Sans

0321 Northwest Sanses4

What’s this? It’s FontShop’s March Madness Face-off! And it picks up with the Northeast Serifs bright and early Monday morning! See you then.

The Madness Begins! Southwest Sanses Face Off


March Madness returns to FontShop this year with a selection fresh off the drawing tables. Several new releases join us as strong and underdog contenders face off in each round of single-elimination madness. Who will take it all? You decide.


Now comes your part: One vote is one point scored by each face. The full tournament schedule is on the bracket. Stay plugged in here for more updates. Get to it! Polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific).

FF Mark vs. Nomada0319 Southwest Sanses1

Marat Sans vs. FF DIN

0319 Southwest Sanses2

Petala vs. Program

0319 Southwest Sanses3

ITC Franklin vs. FF Netto

0319 Southwest Sanses4

The action picks back up here on Friday. And thanks again MVB Solano Gothic for serving as referee.

March Madness begins Wednesday, March 19th.


March Madness begins on the 19th in the Southwest corner of your bracket. Popular vote determines the winner of each round. Single elimination. Research the typefaces in the tournament here at FontShop or in the FontBook App. Want a reminder in your inbox the day of the first round? Sign up for our Newsletter! Thanks to Sutro Deluxe, Miller, and MVB Solano Gothic for setting the nameplate and serving as impartial referee.


What are you waiting for? Print and fill out a bracket now; (it’s a PDF). And see you March 19th!

Update: The bracket has been updated. We forgot and left out ITC Franklin when this bracket was initially published. (There it is just above FF Netto in the Southwest corner.) If your bracket says Today Sans here, that was our mistake. Just relabel it ITC Franklin or grab the new bracket.

Elena Takes 2013 Championship!

139 Elena
45 Today Sans

Elena wins March Madness 2013

Nicole Dotin’s Elena cleaned house yesterday, taking the championship over sans serif contender Today Sans by a mile. Elena’s path to the final round was a series of sure steps, handily beating favorites like FF Unit Slab and FF Tisa along the way. We couldn’t be more pleased for her.


Championship Round! Today Sans vs Elena

Final Final
47 Today Sans 46 Elena
27 FF Netto 29 FF Tisa

Volker Küster’s Today Sans and Nicole Dotin’s Elena have taken a rocky road to get here, each beating out last year’s finalists and a series of strong up-and-comers. Now after all the madness, it’s finally time for sans to meet serif. To participate, vote for the winner in the poll below. One vote is one point. The poll closes tonight at midnight (Pacific).

Today Sans vs Elena