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New Font Promotions

Just to recap, these new releases come with the following promotional prices:

Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington 30% off through 21 Jan
Grota Rounded by Latinotype 50% off through 22 Jan


Politica by Sudtipos, now extended from 16 to 36 weights, 50% off through 26 Jan


Best Type of 2012: Behind the Scenes

bestof-headerWe hope you enjoyed the typographic treat in your inbox this morning to kick off the second day of your new year. The FontShop team loves putting together this Best Type issue of our newsletter each year and 2012 was no exception. It’s always agonizing making the final list because we love so many of the fonts that make their way across our desk(tops) every 12 months. We try to showcase a variety of 2012 additions from our catalog, from runaway hits like FontFont’s FF Chartwell to brand spanking new releases like Monokrom’s Telefon.

Planning for the issue begins about two months before we unleash it on the world. We bring together our Sales & Support Team, our Marketing Team, and of course our Design Team and Type Experts to bring their favorites and review the 2012 typefaces. As we brainstormed categories this year, we began joking about how it felt like putting together a yearbook. We ran with this and love the retro yearbook style our designers brought to the final product.

Huge props always go to our amazing type experts, David Sudweeks and Yves Peters for creatively writing the issue based on our theme and categories. Who didn’t laugh at the line about Filmotype Kitten washing her hair?

We truly hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we did making it. How excited are you for a whole NEW YEAR of fonts though? What releases are you most looking forward to this year?


Happy New Year! 2012’s Best Coming to Your Inbox TOMORROW

toptype2Is your 2013 off to a great start? Good! It’ll get even more awesome tomorrow when FontShop‘s Top Type of 2012 hits your inbox.

Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter so you get your hands on this type lover’s electronic collector’s item first thing.

What to do while you wait? Take a look at our 2011 edition and place your bets on our new picks!

Put Some Type Under the Tree with These Great Deals


Playing Santa for the designer in your life? Why not lighten the reindeer’s load and give the gift of fonts?

Our FontShop elves recently showed you how to buy for others, today we’ll remind you a few great deals that may help make your selection:

For Your Sonnet-Obsessed Cousin


Snowflakes, sleighrides & sugar plums, dipped
30% off until tomorrow – SudtiposPoem Script!

For Your Adored Sweetheart


Speaking of scripts, ReType‘s Krul and Dulcinea (above) are both 30% off through December 31.

For Your Hoarder Father


Want to give an entire collection? All Positype fonts are 25% off through December 31.

For Your Traveling Aunt


Finally, wrap up these gorgeous Latin gems from Indian Type Foundry – both Engrez Sans (above) and Kohinoor Latin are a generous 50% off through January 17.

Write-In Vote Today: Your Picks for the Best of 2012

Tomorrow the US heads to the polls and today at FontShop we open up our comments section for you to tell us your picks for the “Best of 2012.” We’re sifting through fonts and foundries our “Best of” lists before the holidays begin. While our staff holds many thoughts about what blew us aways this year, we’d like to hear yours as well. Let us know in the comments below by November 30!
To get you started, here’s five typefaces added to FontShop this year. Don’t forget, you can play with them all in our Adobe Creative Suite Plugin to see how they mesh with your work.

Trim by Letters From Sweden

Winco by ReType

Storefront by Sudtipos

JAF Bernini Sans by Just Another Foundry

FF Chartwell by FontFont

Need some inspiration? Take a look back at some of our previous years’ posts. Next, flip through our New Fonts lists to see what’s come out this year. Then leave your picks in the comment section below.

Five Things You’ll Love About the FontShop Plugin

You know the free FontShop Plugin allows you to preview almost all of our 150k+ fonts right in your Adobe® Creative Suite® documents, but here’s five of its features you can use to maximize your experience.

  1. Search by font name, designer or foundry.
  2. Try up to 12 different fonts in a single document.
  3. Apply filters and effects to your type samples.
  4. Click the heart icon to easily find your favorites later and add your own tags to sort them further.
  5. Buy right from the plugin. Click the download button to access purchase options at once you’re ready to take your relationship further!

FF Chartwell Web Ready to Shake Up Online Infographics

Since FF Chartwell’s May release, the design world has been abuzz with accolades for its unique approach to infographic creation. With the recent FontFont release, web designers can now rejoice – FF Chartwell Web is here!

Get FF Chartwell Radar Web free!

FF Chartwell Rose Web

FF Chartwell Bars Vertical Web

FF Chartwell Lines Web

FF Chartwell Bars Web

FF Chartwell Pies Web

FF Chartwell Rings Web

Back in May we first introduced FF Chartwell’s nonconformist approach to creating charts and graphs: simply type in the numbers and let the font do the rest. Rings, rose, radar, pies, bars, lines, and vertical bar charts, all as easily styled as type, result automatically. Use FF Chartwell Web with static text or real-time data.

FontFont had to think creatively to work around the lack of OpenType support in most web browsers to keep FF Chartwell working to its users expectations. The end result is “more than just a font“:

All the chart drawing functions of FF Chartwell Web are provided as small JavaScript libraries. To create a chart you enter the values in a similar way to the desktop font and use HTML code to determine color and appearance.

Nobody likes bloated JavaScript libraries, so the JavaScript files are split into one base file and one file for each of the chart types. This way you never have to load more files than you really need. All FF Chartwell Web packages come with a demo page and example HTML code to help get you started. As with all Web FontFonts, you will also receive a WOFF and an EOT font called FF Chartwell Text Web Pro. Please note, that these only contain the alphabet part of FF Chartwell.

Web designers can test FF Chartwell Web on the FontFont How To site’s live demo. We can’t wait to see the beautiful infographic websites that FF Chartwell is bound to inspire. Please share your creations in the comments!

Plunderin’ for Typographic Treasure

Ahoy, designer mateys! Aboard the good ship FontShop today some of us arrrr fully celebratin’ Talk Like a Pirate Day. If yer out revelin’, here’s some type booty for ye to check out.

First, fer all ye fans of our Pinterest page, we’ve got a new board that should suit yer fancy.

If ye prefer fontlists, we’ve got an oldie but goodie buried on the site. Ye can pillage Pirate Fonts to yer heart’s content.

If yer lookin’ for bedtime tales of the sea for yer parrots or lil’ scalawags tonight, have ye heard the one about Jim Ford‘s Captain Quill? After losing his right hand to a spirited sea dog, Captain Quill settled down to focus on his first love, nautical treasure cartography. The ease of stroke in this swashy script face confirms what his boyhood calligraphy teacher stressed from the start: It’s all in the elbow.

If you’re not sure if ye are “hooked” on any of these, try ’em out first in the FontShop Plugin for Creative Suite. Stock up on sea type for your next adventure or on landlubber fonts too.


With FontShop Plugin for Adobe InDesign You Can Now Try 150,000 Fonts in Creative Suite

With the addition of Adobe® InDesign® support, the FontShop Plugin now works in all of the most popular Adobe® Creative Suite® programs. At FontShop, we believe that at the heart of great graphic design is great typography. So in thinking how to get more and better type into the hands of great designers everywhere, we came up with a way to let them test out new typefaces from inside a familiar workflow.

Choose from the majority of the 150,000 fonts we carry (new fonts arriving weekly) directly from Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and now InDesign. Use the FontShop Plugin to create comps, mockups, or to otherwise put type through its paces, free. After giving them a try, the plugin makes it easy to buy just what you need.

Download the FontShop Plugin for Free »

FF Chartwell Fever is Off the Charts

We here at FontShop have been pretty stoked about FF Chartwell since it came to us through FontFont’s May release. Over the summer, David showed you how to use the seven different styles of charts in Travis Kochel’s font and we hope you’ve had fun trying it out.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that the rest of the web has caught FF Chartwell fever. Check out these recent stories:



Cool Hunting

Daring Fireball

A little bird tells us that the “web” of FF Chartwell uses is expanding quite soon as well…stay tuned!

Get Fiorentina at 50% Off

Gert Wiescher’s Fiorentina is a new decorative face for a specific kind of display work. The typeface takes for inspiration the ornamented manuscript writing of Renaissance Italy and from there departs on its own path to the over-the-top, embellished inline script you see here. Get it half off through August.

Buyer’s Guide: Trying fonts with the FontShop Plugin

If you haven’t already downloaded our FontShop Plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you’re missing out! Free and easy to use, you can preview any font available on FontShop as long as you have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator CS5 or above.

When downloading the Plugin, a .zxp file will be downloaded that contains the Plugin for both Photoshop and Illustrator — if you only have one of these programs, you won’t be able to download a separate plugin for either program. Instead, the .zxp file opens up Adobe Extension Manager, which will automatically detect whether you have Photoshop, Illustrator, or both. Don’t worry if you have Photoshop but not Illustrator or vice versa — you’ll still be able to install the Plugin even if you only have one of these programs on your computer.

If you have any questions on how to install or use the Plugin, you can read more about it on the FontShop Plugin page. Don’t forget that our Plugin is still in its beta stage, so if you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please let us know!

While the FontShop Plugin is great for testing out desktop fonts before buying, if you’re looking to test a webfont by FontFont, you can go to FontFonter to try select Web FontFonts on any website.

Daylight in FF Chartwell Pies

FF Chartwell Pies concludes our series on visualizing data with type. Pie charts are among the most familiar and easy to use, and in FF Chartwell Pies, that’s no exception. Just grab a set of values, make sure they add up to (or at least don’t exceed) 100, put plus signs in between, pick some colors, enable ‘Set 1’ from the OpenType Stylistic Sets, and you’re all set. More detailed instructions can be found in a previous FF Chartwell post.

To demonstrate FF Chartwell Pies, I created 366 pie charts, each representing a day of the year. The dark pieces represent nighttime hours and the light pieces represent daylight hours, as observed here in San Francisco this year. The two dark shades separate portions of the day between midnight and sunrise, and between sunset and midnight. Noting the abrupt change in angle of the daylight, one can spot Daylight Savings going into and out of effect, and other nice patterns. Today’s pie chart is the 16th chart on the 10th row, first image. Select the images for a closer view.

Though this is the end of our series, there’s more to look forward to still—including the soon to be released FF Chartwell Web, and all the stuff designers everywhere make out of this beautifully simple, utterly useful face.

Thinking how to close the Chartwell series, I thought of all the ways designers will be using FF Chartwell, and then thought up a few ways they probably wouldn’t use it. In the end I decided to make (and lead out with) type made out of charts made out of type. Thanks for reading, and send us back all the ways you use FF Chartwell. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Family Names in FF Chartwell Lines

FF Chartwell Lines is the sixth in our series of making charts out of type with FF Chartwell. Thinking about how foundries and type designers name their faces, I decided to pull some values from our internal data here at FontShop to see what the prevalence was by letter. For example, we have 625 type families that begin with A, and 723 that begin with B.

Taking the values for all 26 letters, I dropped these into a spreadsheet and then turned each value into a percentage of the highest value. The resulting integers were right where I needed them to be (between 0 and 100), so I put plus signs in between, set the font to FF Chartwell Lines, and enabled ‘Set 1’ from the Stylistic Sets menu within the OpenType panel. I set some colors and labels, et voilà!

But do I have to have some fancy design program to use FF Chartwell, you ask? It helps, but no. You can make charts out of type using FF Chartwell with any program that supports OpenType Stylistic Sets and Contextual Alternates. Word 2010 does. TextEdit that comes with your Mac does.

Above is a precursor image to the next and final segment of our Chartwell series on FF Chartwell pies. Read it here on Monday.

Sys 2.0 by Fabrizio Schiavi

Fabrizio Schiavi’s Sys has been updated to 2.0. In developing it, his goal was to create a versatile font family that functions well both in print and on screen. Schiavi took the ubiquitous system fonts Verdana and Geneva as models, since they read reliably on screen in sizes as small as six points. The basic shapes of the letters are geometric. The proportions of Sys 2.0 take FF DIN and FF Isonorm as models.

Schiavi placed ink traps, small recesses into the acute angles of the letterforms, to prevent clotting at small point sizes. In introducing these ink traps, Schiavi realized an interesting side effect that arose once manual hinting was applied. The clarity of the letterforms benefited enormously as a result, and readability on screen and in print improved considerably.

The OpenType TrueType features of the family are particularly suited to corporate communications. Download a PDF explaining all of Sys 2.0’s features.

About the designer: Italian Fabrizio Schiavi works across disciplines. He designs fonts, websites, brands … in short, anything that furthers communication. His clients include Ferrari, CP Company, Mandarina Duck, Philip Morris, Expanded Music, MTV, Nike, Stone Iceland, Beretta and more.