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Introducing FontFont’s App+

FontFont wants to ensure you have the perfect typeface for your project. To make it easy as pie to get what you need, we’re launching a new App+ license, streamlined packages, and a multi-format discount. Now it’s even simpler to bring your brand to life with a universal typographic voice.


Easy licensing for mobile apps, editable documents and hardware — introducing App+

Want to use FF DIN in a mobile app, embed FF Scala in a PowerPoint Presentation or enhance a car interface with FF Meta? Now you can with FontFont’s brand new App+ license. Comprehensive, affordable, and available online, App+ makes it really simple to license FontFonts for apps, games, editable PDFs and hardware. What’s more, with App+ you don’t need to buy a license for every app or device. One license covers them all.

Simple and streamlined

We’ve improved and streamlined our products. Every font package now has the same weights across each format. So you can rest assured that if you purchase the same packages in different formats, you’ll have the same fonts.

Bundle and save

Save 10% when you purchase any combination of OpenType, Office, or Web FontFont formats. Make sure you have every format you need for present and future projects, and save money too!

Expanded Webfont Offerings at

In recent years, FontShop has been the place to acquire great Web FontFonts, but what about webfonts from other foundries? We’re excited to tell you that in recent weeks we’ve been adding oodles of webfonts to the catalog.

You can now find webfonts from:

You’ll notice a blue “web” icon as you browse the site.

For now only Web FontFonts purchased on FontShop can be used with Typekit. Please stay tuned to this blog for more updates and tools to help you continue to create beautiful websites.

Discover More Typefaces with New Show FontLists Tab

We’re excited to announce the addition of a more robust FontList tool on today. Now when you browse font packages, you’ll see a new tab marked “Show FontLists.” If the font is listed in any Fontlist, you’ll see a list of where else you can find it on the site. When you mouse over the FontList name, you’ll get a preview of the list.

This is a great way for you to unearth Alternatives, Applications, Award Winners and more. Let us know what you think of the new feature in the comments section!

FontShop Friday Five: New-vember

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

New Font Review

Check out what typefaces came to the ’Shop in October.

New Newsletter

Big award news for FontFont in this week’s newsletter, as well as new fonts from Moretype and URW.

New Discount & Contest

Use promo code Letter211 to save 10% off the Letter.2 winners on Also, let us know your “Best of 2011” picks and be entered to win the FontBook app for iPad.

New Look for Category Page

We’ve made some changes to make it easier for you to navigate the thousands of fonts on the site. Browse fonts by Category.

New Gift Idea

Theresa’s Tips reviews giving typeface licenses for the holidays.
Friday Five Fonts: FF Legato by FontFont and Justus by URW

15 Ways to Move Your Online Brand to Mobile

Last week we introduced Mobile FontFonts, 15 type designs in 14 font packages for embedding in apps, tailored to the needs of iOS developers.

Did you know that all the faces we put out as mobile fonts are also available as webfonts? That means that you can design your mobile apps to reflect the brand you’ve created on your website, or that you can give your site a familiar feel to those who know you through your app.

So go on, get with it. We can’t wait to see what you think up next.

Mobile Font: FF Basic Gothic Mobile
Webfont: FF Basic Gothic WebMobile Font: FF Celeste Mobile
Webfont: FF Celeste Web

Mobile Font: FF Celeste Sans Mobile
Webfont: FF Celeste Sans Web

Mobile Font: FF Clifford Mobile
Webfont: FF Clifford Web

Mobile Font: FF Cocon Mobile
Webfont: FF Cocon Web

Mobile Font: FF Daxline Mobile
Webfont: FF Daxline Web

Mobile Font: FF Duper Mobile
Webfont: FF Duper Web

Mobile Font: FF Good Mobile
Webfont: FF Good WebMobile Font: FF Providence Mobile
Webfont: FF Providence Web & FF Providence Sans Web

Mobile Font: FF Suhmo Mobile
Webfont: FF Suhmo Web

Mobile Font: FF Tisa Mobile
Webfont: FF Tisa Web

Mobile Font: FF Trixie & FF Hands Mobile
Webfont: FF Trixie Web & FF Hands Web

Mobile Font: FF Yoga Mobile
Webfont: FF Yoga Web

Mobile Font: FF Yoga Sans Mobile
Webfont: FF Yoga Sans Web

Introducing Mobile FontFonts for iOS Apps

FontShop International released 14 font packs tailored specifically for use in iOS apps today, once again leading the way in typographic technology. Available at, the files are optimized to make the design process for creating beautiful iOS applications as seamless as possible.

Mobile FontFonts are optimized for screen and licensed for use on mobile devices. When designing a native app for a mobile device, like iPhone, Mobile FontFonts allow the designer to specify fonts outside the options that come preinstalled. Mobile FontFonts are presently supported in iOS only.

Introducing Mobile Fonts

Just like webfonts, mobile fonts protect brands and help set apps apart from the crowd. Optimized by hand for the device screen, Mobile FontFonts enhance the user experience. Mobile FontFonts let designers and developers break from the mold of system fonts and give their products some personality. With language support included, Mobile FontFonts allow for consistent, subtle branding to a global audience. 56 mobile fonts from 15 popular families are available in 14 packs with 4 fonts each.

Simple Licensing

Licensing for Mobile FontFonts serves the needs of the iOS developer. A team of up to five developers can share one license for their app portfolio. There’s no time limit on the license, nor annual royalty requirements, just a one-time license fee.

Time is Money

Mobile FontFonts are specifically formatted for embedding into an iOS app. No more hours spent converting fonts! Each is optimized for performance on screen and features developer-friendly licensing and pricing.

Try for Free

For a limited time, FontShop offers a free download of FF Basic Gothic Mobile Pro Black Italic for developers to test in iOS apps.

Although initially available only for use in iOS app development, mobile fonts for additional platforms will be released in the coming months. There are also plans to release additional font families, so designers can use typography to create truly 360-degree brands across desktop, web, and mobile.

Available Mobile Font Packages

Fourteen packages are available, containing four fonts each:

New Fonts, August 2011

August came heavy with new fonts this year. With the introduction of Canada Type’s catalog to our offerings, new script faces from Sudtipos and Three Islands Press and more you’ll have to read about in our coming newsletter, we’ve seen a lot of good work come in.

And even though these Web FontFonts technically arrived in July, it’s about time they were introduced as all new, especially since they now come with a set of comp fonts: FF Sero Web, FF Tundra Web, FF Nuvo Mono Web, and FF Signa Stencil Web, with and without serifs.

FF Sero Web by Jörg Hemker

FF Sero combines the striking forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist Sans Serif typeface. It has open contours, a distinct x-height and a homogeneous grey scale value. During the seven years of development the classic letter forms have matured and turned into a balanced, sovereign typeface. Eight harmonized weights and an extensive character set allow for a flexible and versatile typography. Cyrillic and Greek characters provide an extended language support.

FF Signa Stencil Web & FF Signa Serif Stencil Web by Ole Søndergaard

FF Signa is a typically Danish typeface, rooted in architectural lettering rather than book typography. Concise letterforms and a minimum of detail produce clear and harmonious word images. Designed for the Danish Design Center, it is used there for printed material and exhibitions as well as the internal signage system. There are Condensed, Extended and Correspondence versions, and in 2005 FF Signa Serif joined the family. In 2011, Stencil variants were added.

FF Mister K Onstage & FF Mister K Informal by Julia Sysmäläinen

Also, we’re quite pleased with the response FF Mister K is getting, and pleased more to announce a new sibling to the family, FF Mister K Informal.

Canada Type Second Look

Taking a look back over Canada Type‘s catalog this week, I’ve picked up on one of their specialties — digitally producing novel, historically significant types, the sources of which previously existed solely in analog. Robur is one such.

Robur by Patrick Griffin, after Georges Auriol

In 1909, Georges Auriol concluded work in the vein of his art nouveau face Auriol with the release of Robur Noir. It was this latest face’s more conventional typographic structure perhaps that caused the type world to give serious attention to the effects of its unusual weight distribution. Oswald Cooper‘s 1921 Cooper Black and many more were soon to follow.

Roos by Patrick Griffin, after Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos

Roos celebrates the work of Dutch type designer Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos. Its unmissable sharp calligraphic curves electrify the page at display sizes, and soften to a controlled sparkle as text. Canada Type’s digital adaptation includes both text and display weights, including small caps, and decorative initial caps.

Jezebel by Rebecca Alaccari

Adapted from Seventies film lettering, Jezebel plays up the psychedelic factor within a commercial brush script through generous swash alternates and modulation of stroke width and axis. The professional version includes bonus characters and bonus words.

Luminari and Clarendon Wide.

Foundry Update: Letterbox

In our first newsletter of the month, we announced some new fonts from Letterbox: the chunky but energetic display faces Brunswick Black and Gordon Black, and the curiously mechanical monoline script Terital United. Terital, originally conceived as an all-lowercase script, wasn’t entirely new — FontShop originally announced its release in December of 2009. But since then, designers Wendy Ellerton and Lan Huang completely revised the typeface, with two sets of caps (standard and swash) and by combining the three variants into one single OpenType feature-laden gem — thus United.

But Letterbox didn’t stop with Terital; in fact the entire library was upgraded. All fonts were re-coded, some with updated and refined outlines and others with new glyphs and features. Here are a few standouts:

Berber by Stephen Banham, Niels Oeltjen, and Lan Huang

Berber is a strong, narrow, block-style sans serif. While typically meant for use in larger applications like signage, this recent incarnation of the the typeface increases its legibility in text settings. Berber Text now comes with Small Caps, while the King Caps variant offers some great underlined ligatures. Central European language diacritics have also been added to the family.

Download Berber Specimen PDF (532 KB).

Kevlar by Niels Oeltjen and Wendy Ellerton

Kevlar is a set of interesting hybrids. The Regular and Bold weights, similar to TypeTogether‘s Bree, are sans serifs with a distinct scripty vibe. Kevlar Slab meanwhile is an upright retro display script, like Michael Doret‘s Deliscript, which acts as a nice and extreme display option for the family. Figure variants have been added to all three styles.

Download Kevlar Specimen PDF (537 KB).

Bisque by Niels Oeltjen and Stephen Banham

Another upright script, Bisque is a unique blend of quirkiness and elegance, combining the coolness of geometric form with the warmth of unexpected and organic loops and glyph connections. The two weights are packed with contextual alternates and language diacritics, which are nicely illustrated in the specimen PDF.

Download Bisque Specimen PDF (516 KB).

Head over to the Letterbox foundry page to see the whole collection.

Images courtesy of the Letterbox website.

50% Off: OurType’s Meran, Eva, and Fayon

Last month, FontShop introduced two new families from OurType: the all-in-one sans serif Fakt by Thomas Thiemich, and Valentin Brustaux’s discreet, yet strong, serif Tiina. For a limited time, both families were offered with a generous 40% discount.

This month OurType has upped the ante. From now until May 31, OurType’s Meran, Eva, and Fayon are being offered for an astounding 50% off. Use the promotional code OURTYPE50 during checkout for any font product from these three families.

And just to sweeten the pot, OurType is also offering select styles from each family entirely free of charge. You can give the complimentary fonts a test run, then come back for the family when you realize how great they are.

And as if this deal isn’t big enough, here’s something else to keep in mind: OurType’s standard End User License Agreement allows for editable embedding. This includes:

  • Web embedding, using @font-face, Cufón, and sIFR
  • Editable PDF embedding
  • Flash embedding


Maurice Göldner’s Meran grew out of an exercise to construct capital letters from strips of black paper. Its origins make Meran difficult to characterize. A sans? Undoubtedly, but its angular forms might also qualify it as a “contemporary rotunda”. A 3-width, 6-weight text face that works equally well in headlines as it does in small print.

Meran is available in Standard or Pro which adds small caps; lining, old style and small cap figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive superiors, inferiors, nominators and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols; arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures; and support for all (Latin script based) Western, Central and East European languages.

Free until May 31:

Download the Meran specimen PDF (418 KB).


Named after the warm, organic work of ceramicist Eva Zeisel, Eva defies the popular image of a sans, thanks to the contrast in its strokes and the freedom with which they have been drawn. This friendly personality provides added interest at larger sizes, yet Eva also has a notable clarity, and it works well for setting continuous text. Indeed, it was Zeisel’s “playful search for beauty” that is the crucial connection between her and her audience. Designers Merel Matzinger and Fred Smeijers hope their typeface achieves a similar feeling.

Free until May 31:

Download the Eva specimen PDF (291 KB).


A fresh take on the Didot style, OurType Fayon is a contemporary, high performance family for text. Designed by Peter Mohr.

Free until May 31:

Download the Fayon specimen PDF (3.6 MB).

The 50% discount and free font offer expires May 31. I’m not sure why you’re still here and not over at downloading like crazy.

Nice Price Collection from Linotype Creative Alliance Fonts

“A great little collection of fonts – at great prices – for scrapbookers, educators, home and small business users. These distinctive designs and your operating system fonts combine perfectly to tackle a wide variety of projects.”

That’s how Linotype describes their recently-packaged Nice Price Collection from their Creative Alliance brand. With nearly 150 fonts to choose from, priced individually at $5 USD, this is a good collection to revisit and sample for designers on a budget.

Check out hidden gems like:


East Bloc by Grant Hutchinson

Radiant Condensed by R. Hunter Middleton

What are your favorite Nice Price fonts?

New Fountain Type: Foral and Satura

Last month, FontShop released a couple of new typefaces from the masterful designers at Fountain. Let’s take a look:

Foral by Rui Abreu

Download the PDF (4.3 MB).

Foral was designed and developed over a four year period, starting in 2006 with a rigid and sober foundation. It evolved into a more organic and fluid typeface, maintaining its geometric skeleton but with a softer, more approachable exterior. Check out the very cool and unique Foral trailer:

Foral comes in eight weights, each with italics and a number of OpenType features. Abreu‘s sans serif Forma is based on the same geometric skeleton and will pair well with Foral in a pinch.

Satura by Peter Bruhn and Göran Söderström

Download the PDF (6.2 MB).

Satura was conceived and grown under unique circumstances. As Fountain tells it:

A creative collaboration between Göran Söderström (Stockholm) and Peter Bruhn (Malmö), Satura began with Göran’s concept for a reversed contrast typeface — one in which the horizontal strokes are heavy, rather than the more traditional vertical stress. Sparked by these ideas, Peter responded with his own thoughts. For months, the design bounced back and forth over the Nordic intertubes until the summer of 2010 when the friends met in Malmö to complete the project in person. Type design is most often a solitary undertaking, so perhaps it is this dialogue between the two Swedes that makes Satura so unique.

Derived from a Latin word meaning “mixed dish”, the Satura Suite is four related, but distinct, families: Satura, the mother, a display face with reversed contrast; Satura Parts, a stencil version; Satura Core, the contrast removed, revealing the design’s basic structure; and Satura Text, a more conventional and readable interpretation, suitable for smaller and longer text. Each family includes multiple weights. Satura Text adds italics. But expect the style range to grow in the future — Satura is a living project.

You can find more specimens of the various weights and styles of Satura on its gallery page.

March ’11 Staff Picks

Spring has sprung here in the Northern Hemisphere and so have our March 2011 Staff Picks! Here’s just a sample of fonts that will surely make your designs bloom.

The Axel Family, designed by Erik Spiekermann for FontShop AG, was intended as a solution for spreadsheet users who were stuck with Arial and Verdana for their tables. Axel’s legibility and economy are results of its condensed, open design and its expertly hinted TrueType outlines. And speaking of economy, the four-font package rings up at under $80.

Image courtesy of Dharma Type

Not all scripts have to be “flowery” this spring. For one that makes a bold statement, try HT Maison from Flat-it Type Foundry. HT Maison was inspired by 1950s Italian shopfront lettering, and fits right in with designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa‘s collection of retro type.

Image courtesy of Process Type Foundry

Seravek from Process Type Foundry is a linear sans serif designed to perform in identity, editorial, and information design with a quiet efficiency. Its tool belt is fully equipped with OpenType features such as small caps and figure variants, as well as Western, Central European, and Turkish language character sets.

This is just a taste of what we’ve picked for you this month. Check out the rest of our March 2011 Staff Picks here.

Aktiv Grotesk now with Greek and Cyrillic support

Dalton Maag, exclusively distributed by FontShop, recently updated their popular Aktiv Grotesk family to include Greek and Cyrillic language support. It is now available in a few versions:

  • Corporate (Western, Central/Eastern European, Cyrillic, and Greek)
  • Greek (Western, Central/Eastern European, and Greek)
  • Cyrillic (Western, Central/Eastern European, and Cyrillic)
  • Standard (Western and Central/Eastern European)

Here’s a bit about Aktiv Grotesk from our November 2010 Newsletter:

Helvetica may be the world’s most popular typeface but one man is having none of it. Type designer Bruno Maag of Dalton Maag views the ubiquitous modernist typeface’s popularity with a mixture of bemusement and irritation. So he has decided to do something about it. With the Dalton Maag team he has created Aktiv Grotesk, a typeface designed to provide an alternative (and, he hopes, improvement) to Helvetica.

January ’11 Staff Picks

The first FontShop Staff Picks of 2011 are up. Now that we’ve got our new blog rolling, I thought we could show off a few of our picks in more detail.

First up is Henrietta Samuels from Samuelstype. Like the aforementioned FF Mister K, Henrietta Samuels is full of extra ligatures and stylistic alternatives to help avoid identical forms of a single character, or combination thereof. (Notice the differing ‘ra’ ligatures above.) There’s a certain quirky, imperfect decadence to the typeface that makes it unique. Exclusive to FontShop.

Download the PDF (229 KB).

Reservation Wide, designed by Silas Dilworth of the TypeTrust, is an extended neo-grotesque face intended for headlines. Dilworth originally designed Reservation Wide for the Food Network, which uses the typeface (originally named Majestos) on its website and in on-air promos. Its terminals have a slight angle, keeping it open and approachable—one might even say appetizing. As an avid Food Network watcher, it has a place near and dear to my stomach.

Download the PDF (279 KB).

Calluna from exljbris is a playful text face that comes fully loaded with all of your favorite OpenType features. Jos Buivenga happened upon the basic structure of Calluna while “fiddling around a bit with Museo“. A fortunate accident, which you can read about in the specimen PDF. Also fortunate (which may be an understatement): you can download the Regular weight of Calluna for free. Once you’re hooked, pick up the 8-style family pack.

Remember to check out the rest of our January 2011 Staff Picks.