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FontShop Friday Five: Next FontShop and Madness!


We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.


Mo’ Beta
If you haven’t noticed, we recently released our beta version of the next FontShop! It’s raw and unfinished, but we launched it anyway and want to know what you think! Check out the new site here.

“New Features”: #hash and Giftype
April Fools! We got a little sneaky with our April 1st newsletter this month with new features that would change the face of type. Did you fall for it?

New Fonts
Lots of new fonts this week. Check out all that is new from Comicraft, Latinotype, FONTYOU, TypeTogether, Mostardesign Studio and a bunch of continuing promotions.

March Madness
We got a winner! Congratulations to the top typeface Nitti Grotesk who is the champ of March Madness 2014! It was a tough fight, but Nitti Grotesk fought it’s way to the top!

Buyer’s Guide
This week, Theresa covers DynaComware in the weekly installment of Buyer’s Guide.


Friday Five Fonts: Fiance by Sudtipos and Rukou by DizajnDesign

Mixing Sanses: Neue Haas Grotesk and Benton Sans

Neue Haas Grotesk, Benton Sans

As always with pairing typefaces, the main principle to keep in mind is contrast. What makes the two compatible and how do they differ, and how does their relationship form a third entity unto itself? Today we review the close but working relationship between two disparate voices – Neue Haas Grotesk of the Swiss grotesque/realist persuasion, and the world-away Benton Sans of the American gothic tradition.


The immediate camaraderie is obvious. Benton Sans cheers the sometimes stark Neue Haas Grotesk. NHG in return flatters Benton Sans’s straightforward personality.
Neue-Haas-Grotesk,-Benton-Sans-3Since both work as strong leading faces and deferential servants, the roles a typographer assigns each is wholly inconsequential. Perhaps see if your audience is awake by alternating roles from spread to spread.

We end with a quick look ahead to next week. Catch Great Pairs here each Wednesday.

Hobo and Futura Black Art Deco

Add Pizazz to Your Documents with Custom Word Art


Plain documents can be boring, but with word art you can spice things up and find just the right touch of visual contrast. Below I use word art to embellish a short report I wrote about Louis Armstrong. Since the software’s smart, it knows exactly what the boundaries of the word art are, and can wrap the text around it accordingly. There are so many options for colors and shapes, you can design all day. Realize however that there are limits to what the software can do. Like below, I found out I was restricted to a maximum of nine stacked lines of text. No bother, I just created another matching piece of word art below it and picked up where I left off. I was going to make it into a trumpet shape, but then it started getting difficult to line everything up, so I just stopped while I was ahead. The yellow-gold word art is set in Jackson Burke’s Trade Gothic. The ‘call out’ and body text below is set in Bodoni Seventy-Two, since I really like how it looks big.

Word Art 1

Word Art 5

Above, one of the options enables a quick, mechanical unicase – setting all the text on the line to the “Same Letter Heights.” One of the drawbacks to using this option is that punctuation such as the comma above tends to blend in with the rest of the letters when adjusted to the same height.

Word Art 2

Word Art 3

I would go into more depth, but these samples essentially make themselves. All it takes is a little inspiration, some futzing around with the settings, and a discriminating eye. The above samples are set in Robin Nicholas & Patricia Saunders’s Arial, and Geoffrey Lee’s Impact.

Word Art 4

Thanks everyone for reading. After creating that last sample I couldn’t help but think, “Hey, I could use this to make logos!” Using Type continues here Thursday.

Hot New Fonts!

hotnewfontsbadgeJust when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we’ve got hot new fonts this week that are sure to be memorable. We are excited to bring you FF Angst and FF ScratchedOut from FontFont, and Template Gothic and Dogma Outline from Emigre. These versatile fonts have all been optimized for Windows 95 and are sure to make any project a standout!

As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for tips on using type, Pinterest updates, and more.


FF Angst
aprilfools_scratched out
FF ScratchedOut »CD-ROM Available


Template Gothic
Dogma Outline

Frederic Goudy to Speak at TYPO San Francisco

TYPO San Francisco’s already exciting line up just became a bit more sensational. This year we’re taking it “Old Style.” Using the same technology that brought Tupac to Coachella, FontShop is happy to sponsor the “appearance” of Frederic Goudy “live” and onstage.

Fred Goudy Holographic Presence

Mr. Goudy will now close out the conference in the Lam Research Theater at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, immediately following Erik Spiekermann on Friday, April 12. No word yet on his presentation topic or if holo-Goudy will engage in a Copperplate debate with fellow speaker, Matthew Butterick.

Already planning for 2014, the TYPO Team hopes DNA technology will allow them to recreate Claude Garamond to add some European flair to a possible “Classics” track.

Get your tickets today.

Buyer’s Guide: Where are the furry fonts?

kapi-phoneSometimes we have furry friends sniffing around for font recommendations. At times it may seem like type designers don’t carrot all, but our Sales & Support rep, Kapi, has a list of pawsitively purrfect faces that some of you might like to get your paws and claws on.

For faces Your Meowjesty might like to use for an invitation to his fancy feast, try Cat Cat Cat OT Std from URW or Catastrophe from Electric Typographer.

If you’re tired of chasing your own tail and would rather chase tails on glyphs, take a look at QuadruPets Dogs OT from Elsner+Flake. If you’ve been having a ruff day, give Bully from Fountain a chance. This one is good at barking away those pesky font validation errors.

Still wondering why the chicken crossed the road? It doesn’t matter, but you can write some new jokes in Birds OT. If you’re looking for a pheasant way to spend the evening, you might like browsing Linotype’s Zootype Complete Pack — this one pairs great with any of the fonts listed here.

We also have fonts that support a wider range of languages from oinking to baa-ing to whinnying; Your Moojesty might like a glyph or two in P22’s Toy Box Animals or Furry OT while—SQUIRREL! Err, Autograph Sketch Pro Two OT may pawsibly be your new favorite font.

One of my favorite ways to search for a good font is to let my whiskers lead the way. And licking the computer screen. If you can’t seem to find a furry font that you love, I would suggest shedding (especially after licking the screen). Then after you let a few hairs fly around, all of your fonts will look furry!