Redirect me, please.

This blog has been eaten by a bigger, and frankly, better blog.

With the launch of the new FontShop site in December, we decided to take the best writing from this, the FontFeed, and the Berlin-based FontShop blogs and combine them in a nice package integrated with the new site. That’s all currently rolling out at We hope you love it. The best bits of this blog can be found in the archive of the new giant one whilst in the main news section you will find a variety of features and snippets spanning the world of type from Yves Peters, me, Sonja Knecht, Ferdinand Ulrich, and the FontShop Team. Here’s what it looks like:

FontShop-NewsAnd here’s where you subscribe to our RSS from now on:

FontShop News RSS, English language

Oder, wenn Sie es vorziehen, auf Deutsch: (I have no idea what I just said there.)

FontShop News RSS, German language

All that’s left now for me to add is the capstone.


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