Buyer’s Guide: FONTYOU


FONTYOU consists of Type designers, Graphic designers, Web designers, Developers, we are a new generation type foundry… We believe in the power of COLLABORATIVE CREATION. That’s why we offer today original and technical fonts, co-created by new talents, to give a fresh air to typography. Check out Marianina FY, Belleville FY, and Booster Next FY.

Basic EULA Rights

  • Basic desktop license supports 3 workstations.
  • You may take the font software to an external service provider such as a printer bureau, as long as the font is reserved only for the licensee’s own use and destroyed by the service provider once the work is complete.


  • You cannot share the font with third parties.
  • You cannot embed the font software into a website, application, or document.


If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every Monday. Next up is Monokrom.

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  1. Posted March 3, 2015 at 7:40 AM | Permalink

    Appreciatte the recommendation. Let mee try it out.

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