Buyer’s Guide: Elsner+Flake


Veronika Elsner and Günther Flake founded their company EF Designstudios in 1985, after ten years of freelance experience in the area of type design, typography, and digitizing of fonts and logos. Elsner+Flake typefaces are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the design community. Check out TV Nord, Ballantines Script, and Bank Sans.

Basic EULA Rights

  • Desktop use supports up 5 users at a single geographical location.
  • You may embed the font in a read-only document that does not allow unlicensed parties to edit the document or create a new document using the font.


  • You cannot share the font with users that do not have a license for the same font.
  • You cannot embed the font software into a Website or Application.
  • You may not modify or rename the font software.

See Elsner+Flake EULA

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every other Monday. Next up is Latinotype.

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