Berling Nova and Neuzeit S

Today we take a brief look at Karl Erik Forsberg’s Berling Nova and Wilhelm Pischner’s Neuzeit S.

Berling-Nova-and-Neuzeit-S-1 Berling-Nova-and-Neuzeit-S-2
One thing quite evident in Berling Nova is its ability to set running text with confidence – the way it carries its weight, and how much it dares use in a text face. The complete set comes also with two display cuts, for larger work, above. Something about this face, its cleanness and lack of ornament led me to find a similarity with Neuzeit S, while looking through the Helvetica Alternatives FontList. Neuzeit S’s roundness, spareness, possession of eccentricity, and generous spacing is as much of a unifier as I required. Reading about our sans companion today, I found out that the S stands for Siemens, the original client for whom the face was made. Should you require more than two weights of Roman, Akira Kobayashi completed and re-released a set of optically corrected obliques in the Neuzeit Office set. A Rounded variant also exists.
Berling-Nova-and-Neuzeit-S-3 Berling-Nova-and-Neuzeit-S-4
Together the two slip tightly into dominant and subservient roles, or mesh as well-fit, well-oiled gears.

Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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