Final Four!

Final Final Final Final
49 Nitti Grotesk 54 Program 69 Elena 59 Colvert
41 Today Sans 27 FF Mark 12 FF Videtur 32 Alda

It’s all winding up now. Tomorrow the championship round settles the question of which face takes all. Today, our final four contenders narrow down to just two. It’s been unpredictable going for those in the competition, Nicole Dotin’s Elena squarely shutting out Axel Bertram & Andreas Frohloff’s FF Videtur last night, two other decisive wins by Zuzana Licko’s Program and Jonathan Perez (et al)’s Colvert, and a narrow victory for Pieter van Rosmalen’s newcomer Nitti Grotesk over Volker Küster’s Today Sans. Will Elena take the title again? It’s all up to you! Your turn now. Polls close tonight at midnight, Pacific.

Final Four banner

Nitti Grotesk vs. Program

0402 Final Four1

Elena vs. Colvert

0402 Final Four2

Special thanks goes to to Miller Banner for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic, our call-it-as-he-sees-it referee.

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