Final Eight Narrows Down to Final Four Today

Final Final Final Final
17 FF Videtur 21 Elena 23 Colvert 27 Alda
16 Henriette 15 Arek 16 FF Tisa 12 Marat

Friday’s intense match-ups resulted in close shaves to the faces of the winners. With all the action compounding, the next three rounds will determine who sets the title. Now it’s game on in the last four matches in the Final Eight. Your turn to take it away! All polls close tonight at midnight, Pacific.
Final Eight banner

Nitti Grotesk vs. Today Sans

0401 Final Eight1

FF Mark vs. Program

0401 Final Eight2

FF Videtur vs. Elena

0401 Final Eight3

Colvert vs. Alda

0401 Final Eight4

What’s all this? It’s March Madness. Thanks goes to to Miller Banner for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic, impartial referee.

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