Sanses Face Off in Sweet Sixteen!

Final Final Final Final
27 FF Tisa 30 Colvert 27 Marat 35 Turnip
23 Fedra Serif B 27 Maiola 23 FF Quixo 15 Alda

And it’s game on for the remaining sanses in today’s single-elimination madness! Some real squeakers last night on the serif side, including Colvert’s tight 3-point win over Maiola. Okay—from here it’s all up to you. Polls close tonight at midnight Pacific. Serifs fight it out tomorrow.

Sweet Sixteen banner1

Helsinki vs. Nitti Grotesk

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half1

Metro Nova vs. Today Sans

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half2

FF Mark vs. FF DIN

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half3

Program vs. FF Netto

0327 Sweet Sixteen - First half4

What’s all this? It’s March Madness. Special thanks again goes to to Miller and Sutro Deluxe for setting the title graphic, and to MVB Solano Gothic for reffing the proceedings.

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