Northwest Sanses Face Off!

Final Final Final Final
82 FF Mark 61 FF DIN 69 Program 60 FF Netto
13 Nomada 33 Marat Sans 31 Petala 44 ITC Franklin

…And we’re back to the action, finalizing today the western contenders to advance to the Sweet 16. To get a better look at each face, follow the links above each match-up. It’s up to you now; Get voting! Polls close tonight at midnight (Pacific).

Telefon vs. Helsinki

0321 Northwest Sanses1

Nitti Grotesk vs. MVB Solitaire

0321 Northwest Sanses2

Metro Nova vs. Baton

0321 Northwest Sanses3

Frutiger vs. Today Sans

0321 Northwest Sanses4

What’s this? It’s FontShop’s March Madness Face-off! And it picks up with the Northeast Serifs bright and early Monday morning! See you then.

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