Imprint and P22 Underground

Today we look at the pairing of an early twentieth century rethinking of the Caslon letter, Monotype’s Imprint, with Paul Hunt & Richard Kegler’s  P22 Underground, drawn after Edward Johnston’s signage system for the London Underground.
Imprint-and-P22-Underground-1 Imprint-and-P22-Underground-2

Imprint was similarly credited to Edward Johnston among others, designed expressly for the short-lived British printing magazine, The Imprint, for which Johnston was also one of the editors. The face’s late-Victorian/Edwardian sensibilities are evident throughout. It sets rather light and reserved as digital type, though I imagine it reproduced with a touch more heft on the page in metal. Like all Caslons, its strength comes in a melodious chorus of imperfect forms. With restrained expressionism, P22 Underground plays a compatible supporting role, matching period and certain stylistic traits such as eccentric use of terminal angle and contrasty patches of negative space. Looking for a similar sign-painterly sans, perhaps a bit more updated? Try Edward.

Imprint-and-P22-Underground-3 Imprint-and-P22-Underground-4 Imprint-and-P22-Underground-5That’s it. Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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