New Fonts This Week

New FoundryHurme
Hurme Geometric Sans by Hurme Design

New Fonts 2014 Week 4 _2014 Week 9 - Hurme Geometric Sans

Jasmina by FONTYOU

New Fonts 2014 Week 9 _2014 Week 9 -  Jasmina

Continuing Promotions

All Typefolio30% off until 5 March

Australis Swash Pro family by Latinotype – 50% off until 17 March

Ride my Bike Serif Pro family and Essential family by Latinotype – 70% off until 17 March

Shentox by EmType30% off until 31 March

Nitti Grotesk by Bold Monday30% off until 30 April

Want detailed showing of new fonts straight to your inbox? Make sure you’re receiving them in your inbox. They maybe getting lost in the Gmail promotions section. If you use Gmail then you can drag and drop the FontShop Newsletter from your Promotions Tab to your Primary Tab.

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