FF Tisa and Pilcrow


Bringing us a type palette with a subtle bounce today is the pairing of a long-held personal favorite, Mitja Miklavčič’s FF Tisa, and Satya Rajpurohit’s recently released Pilcrow. Though Satya’s work through his own Indian Type Foundry focuses mainly on Indic scripts such as Devanagari, Tamil, or Gurmukhi, his latest release demonstrates a developed understanding of the Latin alphabet, and a new perspective at the intersection of geometric and industrial gothic.


Pilcrow offers enough structural reinforcement to complement well FF Tisa’s casual demeanor. Unifying the two is Pilcrow’s own playful take on what would otherwise be featureless curves and joins. This is particularly evident in the heavier weights of the blunted variant, Pilcrow Soft.


As Tisa progresses in weight, the face advances from a relatively narrow fit to a comfortably wide stance.

FF-Tisa-and-Pilcrow-2 FF-Tisa-and-Pilcrow-3

That’s all. Catch Great Pairs here each Wednesday.

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