New Fonts This Week

Brooklyn Samuels by Samuelstype
Webfonts Available


Grota Rounded by Latinotype


Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington
Webfonts Available
Politica by Sudtipos

The Politica family was extended from 16 to 36 weights.


Perec Ludique by Pampatype


Continuing Promotions

Al Fresco by Laura Worthington30% off until 25 December

Felicita by Wiescher50% off until 31 December

Krul, Medusa, and Dulcinea by ReType50% off until 31 December

Bloket Pro by profonts80% off until 31 December

Select weights of Altrincham, Futura Round, Giureska, Labyrindo, Le Rock, LP Pinselschrift,
LP Saturnia, Maccaroni, Quendel, Seizième, SignPainters Script, Smooth Buggaloo, Styla, Technotyp,
and Urban by URW50% off until 31 December

Seashore by Sudtipos30% off until 3 January

Al Fresco Bold by Laura Worthington – 30% off until 21 January

Grota Rounded by Latinotype – 50% off until 22 January

All Politica products by Sudtipos – 50% off until 26 January

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