Here at the end of the year, we’re starting something new. Through the holidays, counting up to January 1, Yves Peters and I will be decorating this blog with ornaments – one per day. The good stuff, often tucked away at the bottom of the glyph palette, ornamental glyphs constitute an interesting area where type designers can play and experiment with contrasting typographic texture, where type can easily decouple from its associated meaning and serve as pure form.

The series will span faces that introduce a little something extra, say, a single fleuron or border set, to faces entirely decorative in nature. And we’ll also take on the symbolic ‘also functional’ category, dingbats, which we find underutilized and ripe graphic / textural material. (We’ll be taking a very inclusive approach to what one might consider ornaments.) That all starts Sunday. Until then, to the Americans and anyone else who observes it — Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll be closed over the holiday to spend time with our families.


The above sample is just a taste of the series, set in Jonathan Perez’s Cadence (background) and featuring a fleuron from Jim Parkinson’s redrawing of Dwiggins’s Electra.

The Ornament Series is produced collaboratively by David Sudweeks and Yves Peters.

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