Le Monde Journal and Parisine

Today we pair a couple of Jean François Porchez’s masterfully understated faces, Le Monde Journal and Parisine.

Le-Monde-Journal-and-Parisine-1 Le-Monde-Journal-and-Parisine-2

From Le Monde Journal emanates a certain strength, mostly due to its forceful rhythm and its forms’ careful balance between robust gestures and delicate details. The face is designed to set compactly both horizontally and vertically, with a narrow fit, a large x-height and modest extenders. It also comes in a range of tightly-stepped weights to accommodate various factors of scale and output. As a companion to Le Monde Journal, Parisine operates as a sophisticated humanist sans, adding a softer dimension to the pairing. Together the two create a versatile set that lends care and credibility to its message. Should you require something even more playful, see Parisine Plus.Le-Monde-Journal-and-Parisine-3 Le-Monde-Journal-and-Parisine-4 Le-Monde-Journal-and-Parisine-5

Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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