Athelas and Domus Titling

Today we’ll take a quick look at  Veronika Burian & José Scaglione’s Athelas with Tim Ahrens & Shoko Mugikura’s Domus Titling.

Athelas-and-Domus-Titling-1 Athelas-and-Domus-Titling-2

Both drawing from classical models, but introducing their own twist, the pair support each other nicely. Domus Titling is based on and carries the proportions of formal inscriptional lettering, but its rounded corners and soft stroke endings create some contemporary interest. Athelas likewise plays with the transitional or neoclassical Roman model, introducing updated touches here and there. Its italic particularly breaks from convention, pursing a feel much more calligraphic than drafted or engraved.Athelas-and-Domus-Titling-3 Athelas-and-Domus-Titling-4 Athelas-and-Domus-Titling-5That’s it. Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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