Colvert and MVB Solitaire

Today we look at Jonathan Perez’s Colvert with Mark van Bronkhorst’s MVB Solitaire. I guess I should also mention Natalia Chuvatin, Kristyan Sarkis, and Irene Vlachou; Colvert covers four scripts — Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic & Greek — each drawn natively, though we’ll look most closely at the Latin.

Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-1 Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-2

Colvert’s rich, French Renaissance texture is unmistakeable. In creating this work Perez updates the tone, leaving behind something fresh and familiar. Solitaire achieves a sophisticated humanist feel both thanks to and in spite of its wholehearted pursuit of generality. Together, the two create a versatile partnership with a feel that covers the spectrum between the ancient and contemporary.

Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-3 Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-4

Colvert’s bold has a nice bite to it.

Adding to its versatility is the fact that in this pair, either typeface is quite proficient at setting text.
Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-7 Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-8
Colvert-and-MVB-Solitaire-6That’s it. Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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