FF Kievit Slab and FF Kievit

Today we look at the unison pairing of Michael Abbink & Paul van der Laan’s FF Kievit Slab with the original FF Kievit.

FF-Kievit-Slab-and-FF-Kievit-1 FF-Kievit-Slab-and-FF-Kievit-2
The overall feeling between the two is difficult to describe; the humanistic forms create an air both American and European, and at once neither. Either of the Kievits are at home setting body text, but just to demonstrate opposing roles, I pair here various weights of the sans with FF Kievit Slab’s book weight. Both variants come in a complete set of nine weights from Thin to Black.
FF-Kievit-Slab-and-FF-Kievit-3 FF-Kievit-Slab-and-FF-Kievit-6 FF-Kievit-Slab-and-FF-Kievit-4 FF-Kievit-Slab-and-FF-Kievit-5

Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

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