Sovereign and Global (and Free Fonts)

A quick look today at Nick Cooke’s Sovereign and Dino dos Santos’s Global; well, it’s that, and also a made-up reason to talk about free fonts. If you’ve kept up with our weekly New Fonts posts, you’re likely already aware that certain foundries, such as exljbris or Hoftype, commonly offer a single weight of a new release free. As it happens, lots of other foundries do this too, so today I’m limiting our pairing to just fonts that appear on our new, site-comprehensive Free Fonts page. All the type shown here is available from FontShop for $0.
Sovereign is an extensively developed, relaxed-fit, semi-serif. As a text face, it offers a nicely open texture, with surprises here and there. Global’s wide-stanced, simply stylized monolinear forms serve as a support to Sovereign’s quick-stroke humanist quirks.
Sovereign-and-Global-2 Sovereign-and-Global-3
In addition to Global’s OpenType fonts being available free in the three styles above, the same faces are also free as webfonts.Sovereign-and-Global-5That’s all. Great Pairs is a regular Wednesday thing here on the blog.

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