FF Dora and Chevin

Fun one today. Let’s look at Slávka Pauliková’s FF Dora, paired with Nick Cooke’s Chevin.



Both these, while quite capable of communicating their message in a clear, straight-faced manner, let you know they’re enjoying it. FF Dora flirts with unconventional constructions while flaunting a confident mastery of roman and italic pen-derived forms. Chevin’s pleasure comes from its rigid adherence to the templates from which its shapes are derived. Together, the two harmonize well in their text weights, and don’t hold back in their ability to dazzle with their display cuts.

FF-Dora-and-Chevin-3 FF-Dora-and-Chevin-4 FF-Dora-and-Chevin-5
Great Pairs continue here Wednesday.

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