Tanger Serif and Relay

Today’s great pair is Jarno Lukkarila’s Tanger Serif and Cyrus Highsmith’s Relay.

Tanger-Serif-and-Relay-1 Tanger-Serif-and-Relay-2

Up close, Tanger Serif’s playful handwork is undeniable, but at size it softens nicely into a vigorous overall texture. With Relay, its texture is enhanced with size. The nearer you get, the clearer the liberties taken with the strokes of its geometric construction. Together, the two create a nice tension between social fluency and awkwardness. And this might be a first: Our extensively developed secondary face, Relay—no slouch mind you—even with five weights across three widths is outnumbered by the styles available in the primary body text face Tanger Serif, with 48 styles spread across three widths in eight weights.

Tanger Serif sets economically, but comes in an even narrower width should you need it. For the samples, I play it down the middle.

Great Pairs flow in each Wednesday.

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