Cooper and Brandon Grotesque

It may surprise you to find out that Cooper Black is only one weight of Oz Cooper’s self-titled work, Cooper, which also includes a light weight, and a medium weight for text. Today we pair the Cooper family with Hannes von Döhren’s Brandon Grotesque.

Cooper-and-Brandon-Grotesque-1 Cooper-and-Brandon-Grotesque-2Together, the historic influences and softened details of each serve as a solid enough area of cohesion, while the overall difference in tone allows Brandon to ably direct the reader’s path. Just one note on Cooper—consider spacing the type more loosely to perform better at smaller sizes. The below example is set without any added spacing.
Cooper-and-Brandon-Grotesque-4 Cooper-and-Brandon-Grotesque-5

Brandon Grotesque additionally comes in a text variant, Brandon Text, for setting body copy. Inverting our relationship, here’s Cooper in the role of display face, with Brandon Text’s refit lowercase ably handling the opposing task.

Great Pairs land here each week.

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