Malaussène Translation and T-Star


Let’s look at a pairing of a couple of Gestalten faces, Laure Afchain’s Malaussène, and Michael Mischler’s T-Star.


Alright, technically it’s called Malaussène Translation, and that’s because it’s the first of a series that explores different kinds of stroke contrast: translation, rotation, and expansion. If you haven’t read Gerrit Noordzij’s The Stroke, doing so will clear everything up in about a fifty pages. The face comes in four weights, the standard Roman, Italic, Bold—and then—out of nowhere a super-quirky topheavy black Display weight. Its overall feel in text is fresh and refined.

T-Star is a spare, rectilinear design in five weights, all but the heaviest accompanied by its italic. It also happens to have a monospaced variant in selected weights. Together the two serve to create an updated and contemporary palette capable of refreshing the eyes of their readers.

Malaussene-Translation-and-T-Star-3 Malaussene-Translation-and-T-Star-4
Great Pairs land here each Wednesday.

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