Buyer’s Guide: Family Pages

New family pages are here and they have some great features that you should be aware of. But first let’s define what we mean when we mention the term family.

A family is a collection of related typefaces which share common design traits, common name, and are from the same foundry.

When you look at a family page you’ll be able to filter by product, format, and a series of popular sortable list. For this example, we’ll use Univers.


Singles will show you all styles that are available within the family. Packages with show you groups of those styles that are available. All will show you both singles and packages.


If you know the format you need to license your fonts in, then you can choose those formats here. Other includes legacy formats like PC PostScript and Mac PostScript. All will show you every format available.


You can also sort by Bestsellers, Weight and Width, Price, and Name.

We hope you like the new options and if you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

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