Buyer’s Guide: FontFont’s App+ Brings New Choices!

Last week we introduced a new license called App+ and this changed how FontFonts appear and are licensed throughout the site. These options will appear after you’ve chosen a specific product from the list that search returns to you. FF GOOD will be our chosen font for today, so let’s go over the basic changes that you’ll see.


Select Format

When you’ve found the package that appeals to you just click on product’s name. You’ll see the available formats which typically include OpenType, Web, Office, and App+. Clicking on any of these links will take to you the product page. For this example we’ll choose OpenType for the FF Good Collection.



You will only have this option for FontFonts, all other foundries will have an “Add” button instead. Anytime you choose “Update” we will give you several options to add different formats to your cart.


Which format of FF Good Collection do you need?

Since we initially choose OpenType for FF Good, that option is preselected. Licensing a mix of OpenType, Office, and Web will take 10% off those products. You can even add an App+ license!

We hope you like the new options and if you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

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