Satyr and Lisboa Sans

Let’s examine the pairing of Sindre Bremnes’s Satyr and Ricardo Santos’s Lisboa Sans.

Satyr sets somewhat wide and carries itself with an air of confidence. Where its inky and mottled forms add age, its fit and sense of proportion gives it a fresh young voice. The characters of Lisboa Sans sit much more upright, generating interest at a large scale by the interesting use of counterform and snug fit. Additional exotic elements include its terminal angles, and an overall dynamism of character width. Together the two support each other in a relationship of equals, each full of small quirks, each doing its own job.
Satyr-and-Lisboa-2 Satyr-and-Lisboa-3 Satyr-and-Lisboa-4
Detail of Satyr seting body copy.
Great Pairs continues here Wednesday.

Update: Nina Stössinger left a great comment on how FF Legato makes a very cohesive companion to Satyr. Please keep the insights coming.

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  1. Posted July 25, 2013 at 1:08 AM | Permalink

    Just wanted to add that Satyr pairs super-beautifully with FF Legato; they both have a slightly inky feel and complement each other great. I’m not as instantly convinced of this pairing here, Lisboa feels a bit too “clean” perhaps, and it feels a little like it’s holding its breath where it’s combined with Satyr (due to its narrower fit and taller x-height), although its contemporary feel may well make an interesting contrast with Satyr.

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