Buyer’s Guide: Sudtipos EULA

It’s wedding month at FontShop and we’re highlighting Sudtipos today. The foundry creates lovely fonts that have multiple alternates per character and once you’ve mastered working with scripts you can use Suditpos fonts to their best advantage.

SUD Please note that picking the right script font for design programs is an important part of using Sudtipos fonts. Since all fonts from Sudtipos are PostScript-flavored OpenType, we recommend you use programs that support OpenType features. If you are using programs that are not specifically for design, you will not be able to access the alternate glyphs.

Basic EULA Rights

  • Desktop use supports up to 7 CPUs and 2 printers or output devices at 1 location
  • Non-editable Embedding in digital documents, such as PDFs, is allowed


  • You cannot share fonts with users that do not have a license for the same font
  • You cannot embed the font into a website
  • You cannot embed the font into an Application

See the EULA

If you have additional questions you can always email FontShop’s Support Team for help.

EULA highlights will be posted every other Monday. Stay tuned for Laura Worthington.

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