Great Pairs: Corporate A, S, E.

I remember first being introduced to Kurt Weidemann’s Corporate ASE collection while working for a boutique print design firm in Washington some five years ago. It seemed odd to me at the time that Mercedes had not secured exclusive licensing to the suite of typefaces they commissioned. In the years since it has remained no less odd. The suite consists of a serifed text face, Corporate A for antiqua, A slab, Corporate E for egyptienne, and a sans, Corporate S.
Corporate-ASE-3It should be no surprise that the faces work perfectly with each other, but one unexpected perk is the range of size at which these robust forms are capable of working. The refined Corporate A manages to ably set text and perform beautifully at display sizes, a feat that, despite the common throwaway line in type marketing copy, is in fact rare. I chalk this ability up to its narrow width, loose fit, tall x-height, and controlled contrast.
Aside from the fact that Daimler-Benz has employed them for nearly 30 years, the basic shapes should look somewhat familiar. The antiqua and sans don’t differ so radically in their relationship from that of a modern to a gothic. The main difference being polish and an overall sophisticated coolness.
That’s it for this week. Great Pairs continues next week with wedding month pairs.

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