ITC Stone Serif and Supria Sans

I’ve kind of enjoyed pulling out these lesser-known text faces over the past few weeks and putting them through their paces. This week we take a look at Sumner Stone’s ITC Stone Serif with Hannes von Döhren’s Supria Sans.



Supria Sans’s design walks a path somewhere in between the British and German grotesque traditions, with an overall toughened and squared exterior, and a few sweet curves. The entire set includes a normal and condensed width, each with two sets of inclined forms. For emphasis, use either the optically-corrected oblique, or the perversely cute italic.
ITC-Stone-Serif-and-Supria-Sans-4ITC Stone Serif is a marvel of legibility and evenness of color. Its tone is that of artlessness. As some font marketing copy makes a point of noting a typeface’s ‘true’ italics, let me borrow the term and say that Stone Serif’s bold is a true bold. (There’s a semi-bold if you’re not that kind of typographer.)

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