Lavigne and FF Netto

For today’s great pair, let’s look at Ramiro Espinoza’s Lavigne with Daniel Utz’s FF Netto. Trying to come up with a suitable companion for FF Netto, a face that definitely deserves some recognition, it finally occurred to me to test it with a text face that has a pretty conspicuous personality.


Lavigne was created to solve a specific problem in fashion publishing—not enough individuality among the typically bland modern/romantic type palettes characteristic to the industry. Though more well known for its Display cut, Lavigne Text settles down and gets to work at text sizes.


FF Netto, a plainspoken spurless UI/wayfinding face is probably best known for its extensive set of stylized icons.


Together, the two complement their counterparts, each serving as a proper foil to emphasize the best characteristics possessed by the other.

Great Pairs is a regular series. Catch it here each Wednesday.

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