Farewell Anna!

Tuesday was Anna Eshelman’s last day in the office, our designer over the past two years. She’s moving on to grad school and other adventures – a term I don’t use lightly by the way – in the coming weeks she’ll be traversing the length of a major mountain range, for which excursion she’s steadily built up a supply of hiking things and dried food. Anna’s always been one to get out and see what the world’s made of. I’ll miss sitting across from her every day, collaborating on projects and doing the work of promoting great type together. We’ll all miss her warm personality and consistent ability to surprise.


Here’s a shot of her I got on an office outing to Angel Island last summer, (though you can continue to pretend that when people leave FontShop, we make them ride out on a boat). Gosh, Anna. Thanks for everything. We’ll continue to look out for you and your work. And we’ll miss you.

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  1. Posted May 10, 2013 at 11:58 AM | Permalink

    An enormous Thanks to you, David, and to FontShop for a fantastic two years. It’s true; I’m missing you already. I’ll keep on spreading type love on the trail, as well as a touch of FS magic with my bright yellow gaiters 🙂

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