Custodia and TheSans

Today we examine the pairing of Fred Smeijers’s Custodia and Luc de Groot’s TheSans (also known as Thesis Sans). What surprises me most seeing these two at work together isn’t how one pulls the other in a specific direction, but rather how very much at home the two Dutch designs appear to be with one another.
Custodia,-TheSans-1 Custodia,-TheSans-2

Custodia takes influences from the work of a number of 17th century Dutch punchcutters, creating a lively surface when setting running text. I’ve given the body generous line spacing in these examples, helping to give it an contemporary look.



TheSans is humanist (and obviously, a sans serif design), full of many complementary quirks, such as the baseline-twisting S. TheSans, together with the numerous members of its superfamily, TheSans Mono, TheSerif, TheMix, TheAntiqua, etc. come in an impressive array of weights and offer quite a bit of options in terms of language support. Seeing the relationship come together between TheSans and Custodia was a nice surprise for me, given the sometimes haphazard nature of pairing faces, but I see these two getting along quite well.


Great Pairs continue here Wednesday.

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