Pona and Salvo Sans


This week we examine the pairing of Jordi Embodas’s Pona and Cyrus Highsmith’s Salvo Sans. Our look will more or less be a quick study in typographic texture, a pairing of coarse and smooth. As I generally do when working with two faces, I line up their styles to get a sense for what’s working.


Pona comes off incredibly even-colored, a contemporary pushing along of the great page presence had by late baroque and neoclassical types before it. Note how the rhythm of the stems, overall relaxed fit, and high stroke contrast contribute to a rich, sophisticated, smooth texture.

Add to that the much coarser texture of Salvo Sans’s exuberant gestures and near-monolinear stroke. The result is a text that warms to its subheads, and a titles that – though casual – stay on their best behavior.


Great Pairs drop here Wednesdays.

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