Richler and MVB Embarcadero



Nick Shinn’s Richler and Mark van Bronkhorst’s MVB Embarcadero make up today’s great pair. Let’s look at Richler on its own for a moment. See how its squarely-drawn curves, sharp bits and airy fit allow it to resonate on the page. Nick’s description of the face as a 21st century antiqua I find particularly worth noting. It achieves an old familiar look, similar to say, a Melior, but with a fit that’s crisp and contemporary.


Playing up Richler’s contemporary feel is a gentle piece of American vernacular-inspired type, MVB Embarcadero. Together the two create a compatible and versatile relationship that can be tuned between clean, staid polish and carelessly relaxed warmth.

Richler,-MVB-Embarcadero-4 Richler,-MVB-Embarcadero-5

Great Pairs continue here Wednesday.

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