Buyer’s Guide: Where are the furry fonts?

kapi-phoneSometimes we have furry friends sniffing around for font recommendations. At times it may seem like type designers don’t carrot all, but our Sales & Support rep, Kapi, has a list of pawsitively purrfect faces that some of you might like to get your paws and claws on.

For faces Your Meowjesty might like to use for an invitation to his fancy feast, try Cat Cat Cat OT Std from URW or Catastrophe from Electric Typographer.

If you’re tired of chasing your own tail and would rather chase tails on glyphs, take a look at QuadruPets Dogs OT from Elsner+Flake. If you’ve been having a ruff day, give Bully from Fountain a chance. This one is good at barking away those pesky font validation errors.

Still wondering why the chicken crossed the road? It doesn’t matter, but you can write some new jokes in Birds OT. If you’re looking for a pheasant way to spend the evening, you might like browsing Linotype’s Zootype Complete Pack — this one pairs great with any of the fonts listed here.

We also have fonts that support a wider range of languages from oinking to baa-ing to whinnying; Your Moojesty might like a glyph or two in P22’s Toy Box Animals or Furry OT while—SQUIRREL! Err, Autograph Sketch Pro Two OT may pawsibly be your new favorite font.

One of my favorite ways to search for a good font is to let my whiskers lead the way. And licking the computer screen. If you can’t seem to find a furry font that you love, I would suggest shedding (especially after licking the screen). Then after you let a few hairs fly around, all of your fonts will look furry!


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