Ysobel and Dessau

This week we pair and explore the relationship between Ysobel, the Century-inspired collaborative work of Delve Withrington, Robin Nicholas and Alice Savoie, and Gábor Kóthay’s Bauhausian display type series Dessau.


Both come in a variety of styles. Ysobel includes a separately drawn Display optical size for large work. Dessau’s various styles catalogue the popular architectural lettering and type created during the early years of the Bauhaus, offering alternates and variations on the theme as the designer edited his collection. Dessau does include lowercase letters, though I don’t show much of them here since the faces are more successful in uppercase.

Ysobel, Dessau

Together the two temper one another. Dessau’s cool tendency is turned cheery. Ysobel’s conversational nature comes off slightly more factual and succinct. Since it’s designed for display, at text and small subhead sizes Dessau requires a bit of tracking to allow its letters room to breathe. Though the pair is anachronistic, I think I’ve found something worth discovering by putting the two in the same composition.



Great Pairs run here weekly on Wednesdays.

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