New Fonts This Week

This week we’re rolling out six new fonts: Savanna Script and Serge from Font Bureau, Foro Rounded with free light weight from Hoftype, Rooney Sans from Jan Fromm, Cytia Slab from Mint Type and Number Five from Laura Worthington. Number Five is also on special promotion at 50% off until April 24th.

Promotions continuing this week: Latinotype’s Love Story is being offered at a special intro price of $14, Trend at $19, Schwager at $39, and Lolita at $56 until March 18th. Type-Ø-Tones’s new fonts Arboria, Magasin, and Karol are 30% off until March 31st. Rosetta Type Foundry’s latest, Arek, is 25% until April 5th.

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Font Bureau

Savanna Script



Foro Rounded with FREE light weight

Jan Fromm

Rooney Sans

Laura Worthington

Number Five

Mint Type

Cytia Slab

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