Cool to the Touch: FF Eureka and FF DIN


This will be brief. James Puckett wrote in suggesting this pair, which you’re all welcome to do by the way. Either leave it in the comments, or write a letter, or whatever. Our address is on the contact page. My name is David Sudweeks.

There’s something kind of nice and cool about both Peter Bil’ak FF Eureka and Albert-Jan Pool FF DIN. Eureka’s generous spacing, high crotches, economical fit, pragmatic strength and modestly sloped italic bring to mind the industrial types of mid-twentieth-century Europe, and the monospaced aesthetic previously covered here. So add to that an ever so subtle warming from FF DIN, and you’ve got a pair that says something. Go even warmer, jolly even, with FF DIN Round. Of course, FF DIN isn’t the only DIN, it’s just the best, most cohesive DIN family.



Leaving it here since it’s late. Catch another Great Pairs at this address on Wednesday. Thanks for reading, and I impatiently await your letters.


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