Typographic Turn-ons: The Language of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our penultimate post in our turn-ons series:


A train platform. A moonlit summer’s night. The air filled with smoke and revelry. Perhaps we’d make a great pair, but our languages are so different.

Judging by your accent, you may speak something Western Latin-based. Luckily my character set contains enough accents to support hundreds of languages in addition to English. I can totally be your Latin-based lover.


Hoping to hook up with someone who goes beyond the Latin-realm? You’ll find many faces that expand into Cyrillic and Greek. Fonts are increasingly extending into the realm of Arabic and Indic scripts too. Character-based languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean are also seeing more typographic development.

If you’re looking for someone who’s really been around the world, try a Unicode font.


DIY: Use the FontShop Language Filter to find typefaces compatible with whatever you speak. Any Pro FontFont supports all Western Latin-based languages. Check out Rosetta Type Foundry and Indian Type Foundry for some sultry selections of other scripts.

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