Typographic Turn-ons: Sexy Swashes

Our  Typographic Turn-ons series continues.


He spotted her from across the room, her curves drawing him into the whole word, impossible to look away. Though italics always rang his bell, her forms brought something more to the table…he could never go back. Yes, he’d fallen head over heels for swashes.

Swashes derive from italics. When you look at the capitals from most italics, they’re just sort of oblique roman forms. Want to spice them up? Some fonts include extra glyphs to make those letters follow a more cursive construction.

typeoturnons_type.cs5_va va voom

Ready to start swinging with swashes? If swashes are available in your font, turn them on through the OpenType panel in your design program, or you can pick them one-by-one out of the glyph palette.

Contrary to popular assumption, swashes and flourishes are different – although if you want to get freaky with flourishes, by all means go ahead!

DIY: Want to find some sultry swashes! We recommend a dalliance with Farnham Display . We’ve also got a Fontlist full of Serifs with Swashes for you to explore.

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