Coranto and Siri

Moving on now to a thoroughly contemporary pair, let’s look at Göran Söderström’s cheery sans, Siri, and Gerard Unger’s sharp and smart Coranto 2.

Siri, Coranto
Though Coranto is designed specifically for newsprint, the cleanness and deliberateness of its gestures transfer well to both screen and more careful print processes. Together, the two hold each other up and project a youthful edginess throughout.
Siri, Coranto
Siri, Coranto
Siri’s playfulness comes from its highly finished tone and color, balanced with seemingly arbitrary terminal angles and overall bright Nordic nature. Looking to use Siri on the web? Then it’s Siri Core Web you’re looking for.
Siri, Coranto

Another Great Pair lands here on Wednesday.

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